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Company Profile / History

 Zugo Enterprise International Is a Local and global commerce company. The company was founded In July of 1990  in Sacramento, California, USA, By Mr. Chuck Umeh. It’s a Service oriented business striving to be #1 in the general global business. Zugo Towing Services (ZTS) is now a part of Zugo Enterprise International, providing affordable towing and road side emergency services. Our business ethics and principles are rooted in JESUS CHRIST. We believe in the principle of giving and tithing and we support some local / global charities / churches. We aim at been the best in all that we do.


*  If you’re not pleased, we are not.   *  If you’re not satisfied, we are not.

*  If you’re not happy, we are not.       *  If you’re not ok, we are not.  

*  Striving to bring integrity to the global commerce and the towing industry.

 Objective / Mission:

 *Show Christ in All Our Business Transactions and Ethics.   *Promise Little, But Deliver Big.

*Serve in Truth, And Honesty.     *Be The Best In Whatever We Do.  * Be Accountable at all times.

Vision / Goal:

To Set an Excellent Standard in Customer Services. To Gain Our Customers and Public Trust, and Strive To Seek New Innovating Ways, and Means To Meet The Desire and The Needs Of Our Customers by ways and means of the new involving constant and improve technology .