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Zugo Towing Services ( Zugo Enterprise International) is your #1 choice for all your Medium / Light Towing and Emergency roadside assistance in the Dallas and her surrounding Metropolis. We are in the business of serving and helping you when YOU are stranded by your vehcile. Our business principle is rooted in Jesus Christ.

Zugo Towing Services Have Skilled and excellent Drivers Ready to Give You Excellent Services. Answer All Your Questions because we are trying our best to build Our Reputation on Our Excellent, Quick, Courteous, Quality and Professional Towing / Emergency Roadside Assistance. Many Auto Insurance, Auto Body, and Mechanic Shops, and various Motor Clubs uses Our Service. WHY NOT TRY US TODAY.


* We believe that if you’re not happy, we are not.      * If you’re not pleased, we are not.
* If you’re satisfied, we are not.


Goal / Vision / Mission:


• We want to please you in any way we can so as to gain your business and confidence.
* Serve and save you some money.
* Provide you with an Excellent, Professional, Towing and Roadside Services.
* Promise LITTLE, but deliver BIG.
* Set the industry model standard for Excellency.


NO Accident till date. We are up to date with the national and state safety records. For more information on us VISIT 
www.usdot.gov  or www.tdlr.gov to view.

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